Welcome to the home page of the Soil and Eco-Hydrology Research Group (SEHRG), a dynamic and qualified research group in the Agricultural, Forest and Biosystems Engineering (AFBE) Division of University of Naples Federico II. The AFBE Division continues the research, educational, and outreach activities of the former Institute of Agricultural Hydraulics, Topography and Rural Buildings. The Royal Palace in Portici (Naples) is the seat of the School of Agriculture of the University of Naples Federico II. The AFBE Division is located at the Mascabruno Hall, which was originally the ancient Barracks of the Real Guards. Laboratory and field research facilities are available to support the Soil Hydrology Program. Our group is involved in the challenge to discover new insights in the scientific field of eco-hydrology. This word derives from the ancient Greek and is composed by three parts: the prefix "Eco-" (from oikos) means literally "house" that can be interpreted as natural environment, "Hydro" is associated to water, whereas the suffix "-logy" implies "study of". Therefore, we envisage to shed light on the real-world complex water dynamics in the soil-vegetation-atmosphere system by proposing advanced research strategies that will be presented in this website. We interactively guide the interested guests through different sections that answer to the following and major specific questions:

Who are we? People will introduce you all the members of SEHRG.

What are we doing? We will present our research topics, projects and various activities in Overview.

Where? We will provide the description of our Facilities .

Scientific production? We update the Publications year by year that can be downloaded in separate pdf files.

Teaching and training materials? Please have a look in Teaching.

Can we collaborate together? Check out the section about Models and Data.

Other useful information? The last page Utilities indicates news, events, directions, and other stuff.



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Department of Agraria.

Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II"

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